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Die ANC-buffel is gevaarlik, want hy is gekwes, maar nie dood nie

Die ANC-buffel is net gekwes, maar nie dood nie. En ‘n gekweste buffel is ‘n gevaarlike dier. Opposisiepartye moet daarom nie voortydig die einde van die ANC vier nie aangesien hef aan en baie werk nog voorlê om die regerende party finaal van sy mag te stroop.

Dit was vandag die boodskap van dr. Pieter Mulder, leier van die VF Plus, met die parlementêre debat oor die pas afgelope munisipale verkiesing. Hier volg dr. Mulder se volledige toespraak:

What lessons did we learn from this election?

We learnt that voters punish arrogance — as happened in the metros.

We learnt that every vote counts and that smaller parties are important.

We learnt that presidents must be careful when they make predictions about the future.

After the 1994 elections, which the National Party lost, Hanlie Retief of Rapport asked Mr. De Klerk where he saw himself in five year’s time. His reply: in five year’s time I will be president again. What happened to the NP is known.

Pres. Zuma told voters in Soweto (at the end of the campaign), that if they leave the ANC, the ancestors would be so upset that they would "turn their backs on you. You will have bad luck everywhere you go for the rest of your life”, he said.

Mr. De Klerk resigned when it was clear his prediction had been wrong.

Will president Zuma resign, or just go back to Soweto and explain to the voters what went wrong? Will he go back to Nelson Mandela Bay and explain to the ANC voters that they lost the city before Jesus came back?

In the past, the ANC with more than 60% support, bragged about South Africa's democracy. The real test for democracy comes when a governing party loses an election and must hand over the keys of the Union Buildings to the opposition. We must still pass that test.

American president Lincoln said: "The ballot is stronger than the bullet."

Several ANC candidates were killed in KwaZulu-Natal. An elected DA councillor was allegedly killed by an ANC candidate in the Northern Cape. One of our FF Plus councillors was threatened that his family would be harmed if he votes wrongly. This is very serious and raises alarm bells.

Prof Busia from Ghana wrote:

"A democracy in the last analysis depends on the character of individual men and women and the moral standards of the community. Rules governing elections may be made; freedoms may be provided in constitutions; and Bills of Rights may be passed; they will make arbitrary acts easier to resist publicly, but they will not by themselves secure democracy. There are other rules which are unwritten, such as honesty, integrity, restraint and respect for democratic procedures."

Ek wil ook opposisiepartye waarsku, dit sluit die Vryheidsfront Plus in, om nie te gou te begin feesvier oor die einde van die ANC nie. Die kiesers is kwaad oor die arrogansie en buffelagtige manier waarop die ANC hulle hanteer.

Maar ek weet, as jy 'n buffel gaan jag, moet jy seker maak jy skiet hom dood met die eerste skoot. As jy die buffel net kwes, is hy uiters gevaarlik. Die ANC is nou net gekwes maar nie dood nie. Dit maak die party gevaarlik. Dit mag die begin van die einde wees maar daar is nog baie werk om te doen voor die einde.


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