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ANC is determined to destroy Mogale City

The ANC, led by the ANC Speaker, proved yet again their determination to destroy Mogale City municipality during the council meeting yesterday. According to Cllr Amanda de Lange from the Freedom Front Plus, who forms part of the coalition, it is peculiar that the Speaker always place important government issues as the last item on every agenda. Council meetings are adjourned every time when heated debates ensues due to the Speaker's incompetence to effectively and unbiasedly guide meetings before critical items and compliance matters are successfully addressed.

At every council meeting the ANC councillors use irrelevant issues to provoke the multi-party councillors and are allowed by the Speaker to debate non-relevant matters for hours making a mockery of the council meetings. Although the public can attend council meetings, the ANC Speaker wastes endless hours of council debating with public attendants who also gets upset with the biased way the Speaker handles procedures.

Whilst the council meeting was in progress, the multi-party governance was informed that the political office staff of the previous ANC governance were busy preparing and signing new contracts. "This is highly irregular as no new ruling governance takes on another party's political office staff. The Speaker called for a 5-minute extended break at the time. When the meeting resumed the EFF were acknowledged and allowed to address the council. They pointed out to the Speaker that the ANC political staff tried to regain their employment unlawfully."

The Speaker allowed the meeting to become unruly with ANC and EFF councillors shouting at each other with the EFF insisting that there will be no contracts or employment to ANC political staff. Instead of exercising leadership, the Speaker again used the opportunity to adjourn the meeting before the adjustment budget was dealt with to be accepted by council by the end of March 2017. This item is one of the compliance issues for Mogale City the ANC is hell-bound on sabotaging.

De Lange said the Executive Mayor requested the Speaker to call a continuation of the council meeting for the day shortly after it was adjourned to ensure that Mogale City is compliant in terms of the adjustment budget. The Speaker unfortunately failed to comply with the Mayor's urgent request. As it is the Speakers duty to call council meetings, we can only hope that the ANC Speaker realises the importance for council to fulfil its duty to residents of Mogale City as well as the importance for the municipality to be compliant with governmental laws and regulations.

Cllr De Lange said the multi-party ruling is determent to turn the bankrupt city around. "The reality of the irregularities of the previous governance is staggering. The actions of the ANC are disruptive and it is the residents of Mogale City who are negatively affected" says De Lange.


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