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Important information for August 2016 voting

With the municipal voting less than a month away, we need to ask ourselves how prepared are we really – not just where we intend to make our cross, but also what are we voting for and how this vote will affect our future in Mogale City, says Cllr Amanda de Lange, Gauteng councillor and West Rand-leader of the Freedom Front Plus.

De Lange says the most important matter is that voters will receive three ballot papers.

One of the ballot papers will have the photograph of the candidate on who represents that ward.

The second ballot paper will have the logo of the different parties on. On this ballot paper the voters will vote for the party they wish to manage the municipality. The management of the municipality can also happen through a coalition of parties.

On the third ballot paper the voters will vote for the party or coalition parties they wish to see managing the Region – in this case West Rand District Municipality.

If a voter made a mistake on his ballot paper or changed his mind after he made his cross, he is allowed to get a new ballot paper from the IEC official in charge.

According the Councillor De Lange there are sms's going around telling voters that they shouldn't waste their votes on 'a smaller' party.

“We know which party it is from and apart from being untrue, it is a desperate attempt to try and gain votes by lying to people.

“We encourage the public to take the time and go through the manifests of the different parties. Voting is about more than big or small. It is about the party that represents a person's values, rights and believes about issues such as abortions, BBBEE, quota’s, discrimination and religion.

With this local election, residents have the opportunity to vote for the person who will best look after his interest on the local government council.

Dr Pieter Mulder will be addressing West Randers in Carletonville on Wednesday 20 July 2016 at 18h30 on this, ant other issues. Interested residents can contact Cllr De Lange on 071-604-9498 for more information.

The Freedom Front Plus has proven not just to fight for the rights of communities, but also vigilantly fighting and exposing irregularities and misconduct in the local municipality.


Contact : 071 604 9498


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