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Affirmative action’s shelf life has lapsed

Affirmative action cannot, after 20 years, still be defended by President Jacob Zuma. It is wrong to tie white free-borns with chains to the past indefinitely and in so doing create a new generation of disadvantaged, Dr. Pieter Mulder, Leader of the Freedom Front Plus says.

Dr. Mulder was reacting to Pres Zuma's reply in Parliament today (Thursday 20 Feb) in which he attacked the FF Plus because Dr. Mulder said in his speech that it was time to scrap affirmative action in the interest of the economy and for better relations in South Africa.

Dr. Mulder says affirmative actionis the foundation on which the South African government bases its initiatives to correct inequalities in the country's community, but it is creating new injustices in the process.

“Why is affirmative action only based on race without taking the socio-economic circumstances of people into account?” Dr. Mulder asked.

“President Zuma must put himself in the shoes of a gifted poor white school leaver who cannot gain entrance to a university or obtain bursaries as a result of his skin colour. The black millionaire’s child obtains entrance based on only his skin colour despite both being in the same school from grade 1. The same injustice is being perpetrated against these young people that apartheid had done to young black children.

“This injustice runs like a red line through the South African society and the effect of it is becoming clearer every day, such as service delivery which is collapsing because gifted white engineers and officials are being fired because of their skin colour.

“Affirmative action cannot, after two decades still be justified or defended in any manner. The shelf life of this divisive and destructive policy has lapsed. The ANC rose against this in the past and rightfully condemned it. Now it is doing the same.

“The only thing which can still be achieved with it is to damage nation building and economic growth in South Africa, without any proof that it holds any advantages. Black empowerment only created a small black elite and nobody knows when it will end.

“This policy is wrong and the FF Plus will in the interest of every sane person in this country will relentlessly continue to oppose it,” Dr. Mulder said.


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