Vryheidsfront Plus

VF Plus-leier by VN oor ANC-poging om die Afrikaner te ontwortel

Die leier van die VF Plus, dr. Pieter Groenewald, was die afgelope week in Genève, Switserland, waar hy die Menseregteraad van die Verenigde Nasies (VN) se Forum oor Minderheidsaangeleenthede ingelig het oor vergrype van die ANC-regering, en in die besonder die vernietigende potensiaal van onteiening sonder vergoeding. 

Die kern van sy boodskap was dat daar is 'n doelgerigte poging van die Suid-Afrikaanse regering is om minderheidsgroepe, en veral die Afrikaner, te ontmagtig en staatloos te maak.

Hier volg dr. Groenewald se volledige boodskap:





Geneva Switzerland 29.30 November 2018


Presented by:

Dr Pieter Groenewald – Freedom Front Plus South Africa




The general state of South Africa is disconcerting in lieu of the current economic recession, level of corruption and the abuse of power by the government and the ruling party.

There is a concerted effort by the South African Government to render minority groups, and especially the Afrikaner, stateless.

I wish the Forum on Minority Issues to note the current endeavours of the South African Government to amend the South African constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights to allow for the expropriation of property without compensation.

Further to note that the said amendment of the constitution will infringe South African’s, in particular minority group’s rights to own property and will thus violate Section 17 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which protects private ownership of property and prohibits arbitrary expropriation.

Government Leaders are scapegoating and blaming the Afrikaner minority group for the current economic turmoil, unemployment and poverty. All Afrikaners are presented as land thieves and land is presented as the sole solution to all of South Africa’s socio-economic challenges.

I wish to bring to the attention of the Forum the fact that despite the vague undertakings made by President Cyril Ramaphosa about how the process of expropriation will take place, lasting and unrealistic expectations have already been created among the masses and the effect of this can be seen in the illegal land occupations (attempted land graps) that have already occurred across the country.  Contrary to what President Ramaphosa has recently told the international community there has already taken place such land occupations and farmers and farm workers are vulnerable to increasing brutal attacks and murders.

There is a notable increase in the marginalization of minority groups in South Africa and  continuous racial polarisation perpetuated by the South African Government and political leaders. There are serious infringements of linguistic rights of groups and communities. The right to mother tongue education is being threatened.

There is violence and atrocities targeted against a strategic minority enterprise responsible not only for food security but also job creation, economic growth and prosperity to the entire South African nation.

There is sustained legislative endeavours by the government to exclude Afrikaners (under the generic and racist label as “white”) from the labour force by virtue of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998, as amended, that forces racial affirmative action quotas onto the public and private sectors that must reflect the national and regional demography and thereby seriously diminishing the right of Afrikaners – the majority of whom are skilled – to participate in the economy, to earn a living wage and to contribute to grow the economy.

There is  endeavours by the government to exclude Afrikaners (under the generic and racist label as “white”) from the economy by virtue of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003, as amended, and its Code of Good Practise that inserts into the economy as a whole and forces racial quotas in all public and private enterprise in the form of ownership quotas based on race whereby score card points are achieved for the “blackness” of the enterprise – the more “black”, the more you can trade with government or large private enterprises, the more “white” the less you can and any “black” shareholding below 40% disqualifies an Afrikaner enterprise from doing business with any large enterprise or government, who constitutes the bulk of the economic activity in the RSA. The Code promotes 100% black ownership denying Afrikaners any ownership in business in South Africa.

In view of the above mentioned it is clear that the South African Government is marginalizing minority rights and rendering the Afrikaner stateless.

Therefore, we, the FREEDOM FRONT PLUS of South Africa –

Request this Forum on Minority Issues to take on board our concerns about these continuous marginalizing of minority rights, the intention of the South African Government to allow for expropriation of property without compensation and the violent atrocities committed against the South African farming fraternity.

Recommend that the UN General Secretary initiates a full investigation, to pressurize the SA government to put an end to these atrocities and to stop the process of expropriation without compensation.


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