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Heritage Month

Heritage Month

FF Plus: Gauteng Legislature 

Honourable Deputy Speaker, MECs, guests and members,

When we reflect on our South African heritage annually during this motion, quite an amount of time is often spent on revisiting the legacy of colonialism and apartheid.

In recognition of the rich history of South Africa, we should also remember that the opportunity arises to create a new heritage, a new unity in our diversity.

Race- and gender based transformation on itself have already proved that people are not necessarily empowered by these measures. People have become numbers and quotas in structures and are not empowered by that. The manner in which trade union actions are carried out, do not enhance better service delivery and economic growth.

More responsibility should be shown on the engagement with the rights of minorities in South Africa, as our strength lies within our diversity.  It should be no reason for division.  Racial cards are too often played for fruitless political gain.

Cultural groups should have decision-making powers on their own matters and communities more say on local issues.

Deputy Speaker, we all know that South Africa is currently experiencing a poor service delivery nightmare in departments and especially in local government.  The inability to provide services and effective administration is already derailing all efforts involving a shared interest in which all South Africans could feel safe.

The future of our shared heritage is in our hands.  Our decisions and actions of today should be responsible ones; our shared future heritage is at stake. Africa is desperately in need of a success story and South Africa should be that success story.

Thank you, Deputy Speaker

Jaco Mulder

Contact number: 082 466 3786


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