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Debate in parliament: Collapsing infrastructure highlights ANC government’s incompetence

The ANC cannot be trusted. Not with South Africa's valuable natural resources like water and certainly not with the public's hard-earned tax money.

Just as billions of rands are stolen every year, billions of litres of water are lost due to poor maintenance, mismanagement and skewed priorities. Over the last financial year, 113 billion litres of water were lost in the Eastern Cape alone. This is the doing of an incompetent government.

Money is allocated to departments that are nothing more than bottomless pits. Over the last financial year, the state's irregular expenditure has increased fivefold. Fruitless expenditure and squandering increased with 200%. It all points to a total lack of public financial management as well as a lack of appropriate consequences for offences.

It may be true that the ANC is not the only party where money goes missing, but the difference is that in the ANC, it is not thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of rands that are stolen, it is billions of rands. Billions that could have been used to address inequalities and poverty.

If there was less looting, there would have been much more progress with the eradication of poverty. Our infrastructure would have been a lot better and mechanisms to effectively address the country's various problems and crises could have been implemented.

The government is, however, using all its energy just to retain its position of power and not to solve the country's problems.

The government could not care less about proper management and financial management. Unemployment in South Africa could have been significantly less if infrastructure development and the country's economy were made top priority. The government is only focussed on the redistribution of wealth and it will never work.

This Bill falls short, it will do nothing to change the crisis that South Africa is facing at present. Voters must strengthen the FF Plus's hand so that we can fight back against the incompetent ANC government and its policies that keep failing the country and its people.

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