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ANC admits that it failed with debate on transformation

After 25 years in office, the parliamentary debate on the transformation of South Africa's economy to serve the nation is nothing more than an admission by the ANC that it failed miserably as the country's government and that its harmful policies merely contributed to the destruction of our economy.

The ANC did indeed transform our country's economy drastically. Particularly if seen in the context of ANC-reasoning which reduces all transformation to nothing more than an obsession with race representation at all costs, especially with regard to experience and skills.

As a result, the ANC transformed the country into a disaster. In ANC-terms, the list of “transformational successes” is mind blowing.

Eskom has been transformed by Affirmative Action (AA) to nothing but an empty shell that has eroded the country's economic foundations. To crown this failure, Eskom is presently implementing further transformational plans to get rid of even more experienced engineers just because they are white.

This absurdity is an ANC-reality in South Africa. Service delivery is always seen as less important than transformation.

The cause of economic decline has to do with the measure of success that is used. The FF Plus views success as a merit-based process and a final product or service that can compete with the best in the world. In contrast to that, the ANC views success as a transformational process and the final product or service must have the correct number of black people participating in it, whether it works or not.

If an economy is reduced to a race census of card-carrying ANC members with little to no regard for merit, then experienced white and black people will not want to work in the public sector and, like numerous Eskom engineers, they will also move to a different country when the private sector also starts to reflect the transformational goals of the ANC.

To save the economy, race must be substituted with merit and the emphasis should be on the protection of property rights rather than endangering it.

On the 8th of May this year, voters will have the opportunity to fight back alongside the FF Plus against a government that destroys everything in its wake. Everyone can use their vote to determine the course our country will take – either to a successful Singapore model or a Venezuela disaster based on the ANC's recipe for transformation.


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