Vryheidsfront Plus

Restore and build!

Let’s rebuild! The building plan offers viable solutions and hope for building a better future. It entails:

  • multi-party governments that keep the ANC out of power and restore the current decline;
  • a free-market system facilitating restoring and rebuilding;
  • establishing a small, central government with a diminished role in citizens’ lives;
  • restoring local government;
  • independent communities as building blocks;
  • promoting communities’ constitutional right to self-determination as the cement; and
  • abolishing legislation that discriminates based on skin colour.

Core summary of solutions

The FF Plus’s Manifesto and Policy Framework serve as a building plan to resolve South Africa’s most pressing problems and bring about restoration. The following lies at the core of this building plan:

  • Promote the free-market system and equal access to opportunities.
  • Establish a smaller, nimbler central government with minimal interference in citizens’ lives.
  • Promote a state where everyone is equal before the law and eradicate all forms of corruption.
  • Abolish race-based Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment; use socio-economic conditions as criteria for empowerment and promote equal opportunities for all.
  • Realise communities’ internationally recognised constitutional right to self-determination.
  • Establish community councils.
  • Meer outonomie aan provinsies.
  • Establish community councils.
  • Establish a special investigating unit to investigate alleged unlawful activities of municipal officials – including the violation of environmental legislation.
  • Cut state expenditure; privatise state-owned enterprises; increase state revenue by stimulating growth; offer tax relief; and establish a fiscal commission.
  • Establish community councils.
  • Invest in upgrading and maintaining the electricity transmission grid; address electricity theft and secure electricity infrastructure; encourage the transition to renewable energy sources, such as solar panels; finalise the unbundling of Eskom into separate entities; reduce the bureaucratic red tape associated with licensing private electricity generation; and create a favourable regulatory environment for private electricity generation and competition in the sector.
  • Amend restrictive labour legislation so as to promote job creation while still maintaining fair labour practices; create a favourable environment for the private sector to create more jobs; put an end to the unsustainable practice of government creating jobs.
  • Maintain a high standard of education where mother-tongue education is accessible to all up to the highest possible level, and is parent and community driven.
  • Develop independent local economies and establish functional Special Economic Zones.
  • Implement tariff protection, research, disaster relief and build infrastructure to benefit subsistence and commercial farmers.
  • Develop an environmentally friendly policy framework and effectively enforce environmental legislation to create favourable conditions for sustainable agricultural, forestry and fishing operations.
  • Allocate small-scale fishing quotas to communities in and around coastal areas, while preventing front companies and exploitation.
  • The country should move away from products, practices and energy sources that are destructive to the environment; stop pollution and promote recycling; prioritise renewable energy; offer tax rebates for individuals and businesses that make use of alternative energy sources.
  • Implement measures to prevent desertification and promote rehabilitation of soil where desertification has already occurred.
  • Address the shortcomings of the criminal justice system to bring endemic gender-based violence and rape to an end.
  • Restore law and order by creating specialised units for violent crime, child and human trafficking, organised crime, gang violence, drug trafficking and farm murders.
  • Provide quality healthcare through prioritising expertise rather than transformation; stop the over-regulation of medical aid schemes; upgrade public healthcare infrastructure; establish cooperation between the public and private healthcare sectors; scrap the NHI Bill.
  • Promote language rights and multilingualism.
  • Build foreign relations on mutual respect and give preference to countries with which South Africa already has or can establish strong trade ties.
  • Ensure effective border control that restores the integrity of our country’s borders and that brings the movement of illegals goods, such as firearms and drugs, across our borders as well as illegal immigration to an end.

Focus areas

This Manifesto offers the building plan encompassing the ten focus areas of the FF Plus's election campaign.

  1. Build a new dispensation that recognises diversity and promotes communities’ independence.
  2. Eradicate corruption and cadre deployment to resolve government’s financial crisis, crumbling infrastructure and poor service delivery.
  3. Restore reliable electricity supply.
  4. Rebuild the economy through promoting the free market, job creation and private property rights.
  5. Restore law and order, prioritise citizens’ safety and security, and ensure effective border control.
  6. Restore quality and accessible healthcare.
  7. Conserve the environment and natural resources through sustainable development.
  8. Promote quality community-based mother-tongue education.
  9. Create conditions that are favourable for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, while protecting food security.
  10. Build wealth through true empowerment without race-based Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment policies – promote access to equal opportunities.

Let’s build a better future!

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