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Sewage has been flowing through Postmasburg for years and apparently, it does not bother the Tsantsabane Municipality at all

The Tsantsabane Municipality has for years overlooked the serious sewage problems in Postmasburg, one of the fastest growing mining towns in the country.

It falls in the region delimited by Kuruman, Kathu, Daniëlskuil and Postmasburg – an area where the economy has been booming for years. As a result, the towns have also been growing strongly, which is a beacon of hope during these trying times of general economic decline.

Unfortunately, the Tsantsabane Municipality does not seem to be able to keep up with the rapid rate of growth. This is evident in the town's serious sewage crisis, which has been a problem for years now.

Last year, the FF Plus looked into the matter after residents complained that the cemetery is so polluted with sewage that they cannot visit the graves of their loved ones. The media reported on it and essential repairs were done which improved the situation a little.

Another problem that has been reported to the Municipality repeatedly since 2017 has, however, gotten much worse. The problem is that sewage pumps break down and as a result, sewage lines become clogged in various places and then the sewage pushes up and forms streams that flow above ground, even through people's yards.

Residents report that frequent interaction with the relevant officials and ward councillor does usually lead to action, but that the overarching problem is still getting worse. Clearly a comprehensive intervention is urgently needed to ward off an ecological disaster.

It seems, however, that the looming crisis does not bother the Tsantsabane Municipality at all. Consequently, the FF Plus will take up the problem with the next level of government.

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