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Minister should explain ties with Hamas and Iran

(Debate in Parliament: Israel-Palestine conflict)

Naledi Pandor, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, needs to explain her ties with Hamas and Iran.

The Minister’s recent call to Ismael Hanijeh, senior leader of Hamas, demonstrates her close ties with an organisation that uses terror to achieve its objectives.

Iran has already publicly condoned Hamas’s attack in which 1 400 Israeli civilians were killed. The atrocities are well-documented.

The South African government also did not hesitate to express its stance by having the entire executive authority wear Palestinian scarves to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinians.

Not a single word was uttered to condemn the terror attack until after the Palestinian President Mahmoed Abbas had publicly condemned the incident.

South Africa’s withdrawal of its diplomats from Israel for “consultations” and its threat to deport the Israeli ambassador from South Africa clearly demonstrate where its sentiments lie.

The FF Plus is also aware that the conflict could be ended at once if Hamas would be willing to meet three conditions.

The first is the unconditional release of all hostages who were kidnapped from Israel a month ago. Second, the immediate cessation of rocket attacks on Israel and third, the undertaking to take appropriate action against all persons responsible for the attack on 7 October.

Hamas is fully aware that the power to end the conflict and suffering of all Palestinians in the area lies in its hands, but is deliberately choosing to draw it out.

The ANC is positioning itself on the wrong side of history and is increasingly estranging South Africa from countries on which it depends for survival.

The boundary between anti-Western ANC rhetoric and action on the international stage is rapidly becoming very blurred.

The international community is taking note of the fact that the ANC government seems increasingly at home among the worst of the world which blatantly trample human rights.

Ordinary South Africans will pay the price for it.



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