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Zuma should say what he wants to change in the Constitution

President Jacob Zuma must say what changes he wants to make to the Constitution of South Africa, following his comments yesterday near Nelspruit where, according to media reports, he asked supporters to vote for the ANC to ensure a two-thirds majority in the forthcoming general elections so that they could change the Constitution.

“If he does not disclose this information, he is being dishonest with voters and he appears to be a threatened leader who wants to make changes to the Constitution just to protect his own position.

In addition, it will also be an insult to supporters of the ANC of whom it is expected to go to the ballot boxes like donkeys with a carrot dangling in front of their noses, without them knowing what the implications of a vote in favour of the ANC would be.

“Changing the Constitution also has important consequences for prospective investors and if the president keeps quiet about the changes, he could frighten prospective investors away as it could have far-reaching implications for their investments.

“If the president was really earnest about the future of South Africa, he should say which changes he wants to make to the Constitution and the FF Plus will confront him about this in Parliament,” Dr. Groenewald said.


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