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A Codesa about the economy is needed to rescue South Africa’s economy

The promise of president Jacob Zuma that 5 million job opportunities will be created over the next five years in South Africa is mere rhetoric. A second Codesa, this time about the country’s economy and the value of local self-reliance is needed now to place the country on the road to prosperity once again, Adv. Anton Alberts, the Freedom Front Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on the economy says.

He said the state is not setting off any of the triggers required which would enable South Africa’s economy to grow and there aren’t any opportunities being created for entrepreneurs of any race group to contribute to economic growth.

According to Adv. Alberts, quite the opposite is being accomplished with the country’s current labour legislation which is suffocating the economy and job opportunities and which has led to approximately 1,4 million people having lost their jobs since Zuma came to power in 2009.

“The only manner in which the government could create new jobs at all, is by expanding the already bloated public service.

“Only the ANC and the president could gain anything from this as it would make people dependent on their employer, the ANC government. It is however a house of cards which will collapse.

“What South Africa needs now is a second Codesa about the economy where all role-players should come together to reflect on the country’s economy and job-creation,” Adv. Alberts says.

About the possibility of instituting a national minimum wage, he said the market will not be able to afford it.

“It is an honourable idea, but unrealistic given the country’s economic growth rate. We are experiencing a serious economic crisis which could force the country to its knees.

“Empty and impracticable election promises will not accomplish anything. There should be a Codesa to get the economy growing again and to eradicate poverty by focussing on local self-reliance,” Adv. Alberts says.


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