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Violence during taxi strikes should not be tolerated

Violence during strikes, as seen in today’s taxi strike in Cape Town where Golden Arrow passenger buses were set on fire, is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

The FF Plus respects the right of people to strike, but even lawful strikes without violence significantly infringe upon the lives and freedom of movement of law-abiding citizens.

When it escalates into violence and roads are intentionally blocked to hold people hostage in their own city, it creates a danger for everyone, including taxi commuters who need to get to work or go home.

The strike in Cape Town follows a conflict situation that arose on Tuesday this week (August 1) at the Cape Town station deck. The reason is reportedly the enforcement of the City of Cape Town’s traffic laws, which led to the impounding of a taxi.

There is currently a culture of lawlessness in South Africa with no respect for existing laws and people’s safety.

It is therefore good to have reasonable laws in place and to enforce them rigorously as is being done in Cape Town, but then law enforcers must also ensure they can manage the response that follows.

When it comes to acting against taxis, a backlash like this must be anticipated and planned for.

The FF Plus has urged the City of Cape Town and the police to deploy maximum resources to prevent any further unlawful violence.

This can be achieved through effective law enforcement and by arresting those engaged in criminal behaviour without hesitation.

The people of Cape Town do not deserve any action that threatens lives and violates their human rights.



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