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FF Plus in Matlosana insists that Public Works Programme should be managed professionally

The FF Plus in the ANC-controlled Matlosana Local Municipality (Klerksdorp, Stilfontein, Orkney and Hartbeesfontein) insists that the Municipality’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) should be managed better.

The party submitted proposals for a professional management and policy framework for the effective implementation of the Programme to the municipal council’s Speaker, Stella Mondlane.

The party requested that the matter should be placed on the Matlosana municipal council’s agenda for adoption as municipal policy.

These proposals follow the umpteenth incident last Thursday when unhappy residents burst into municipal offices and disrupted services.

It was reportedly due to their dissatisfaction with the implementation of EPWP projects in the Municipality. Various allegations were made regarding nepotism, and officials and councillors unfairly favouring certain residential areas.

The EPWP in the Municipality, which is supposed to supplement existing municipal services, has been surrounded by controversy for years.

It is clear that the Programme, as it is currently being implemented, is not adding any real value to service delivery in the Municipality.

Closer inspection by the FF Plus revealed that, among other things, no proper project planning is done before programmes are implemented. Moreover, government regulations are also not adhered to.

Poor communication and inadequate public participation in prioritising projects lead to unrealistic expectations as regards to job opportunities.

In turn, this leads to the frequent disruption of municipal services by protest actions if these expectations are not met.

The impression among communities that officials and councillors are merely exploiting the Programme to enrich their families and friends further taints the Programme, and causes residents to lose faith in the local authorities.

The main objective of the FF Plus’s proposals is to address these shortcomings once and for all.

The proposals entail that the identification, prioritisation and professional project planning of EPWP projects should be consolidated in an annual process that forms part of the municipal budget process.

Clearly indicating which municipal departments are responsible for the respective programmes as well as setting project targets and drawing up timelines will ensure that the management thereof can be effectively monitored.

The party also insists on implementing a proper communication process whereby the various EPWP projects’ service delivery objectives are clearly explained to the community.

The FF Plus will continue to point out service failures in Matlosana, and apply pressure to restore professional management for the community’s benefit.

The residents of Matlosana deserve better than the ANC.



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