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Updated land audit for Ehlanzeni

The Ehlanzeni District Municipality (Mbombela, Nkomazi, Bosbokrand, Thaba Chweu) urgently needs an updated land audit to gain a better understanding of landownership, use, development and planning.

The FF Plus has already submitted questions to the Municipality regarding its latest version of the land audit.

The latest update that was received, version 6, was promulgated in November 2015 already. It is nearly eight years old.

With increasing claims for landownership for the masses, it is going to be really difficult to keep abreast of tenure. The land issue is, furthermore, often used for cheap politicking.

The 2015 version contains statistics which could already influence opinions on landownership within the Ehlanzeni district boundaries.

At the time, the farms owned by the government and local municipalities covered a total of 1,316 million hectares, while farms in private ownership comprised 1, 05 million hectares.

Private owners owned 66% of plots and the state 33%.

Out of the four local municipalities that fall under the Ehlanzeni District Municipality, Bosbokrand had the greatest portion, covering 804 095 hectares, of government land, while 219 169 belonged to the private sector.

Thaba Chweu had 212 953 hectares in government ownership and 353 728 hectares in private ownership.

Mbombela had 186 000 hectares in government ownership and 345 863 hectares in private ownership.

Nkomazi had 179 565 hectares in government ownership and 147 340 hectares in private ownership.

With the ongoing land-claim process, which was extended in 2014, there were many successful claims where private land went through the restitution process.

Title deeds from both the provincial government and local municipalities have escalated since 2015. In the last financial year, the provincial Department of Human Settlements awarded 1 616 title deeds.

The demographics relating to the ownership of property and the use of land throughout the Municipality are continually evolving.

It is important to take note of this and to plan accordingly, so, the FF Plus sent a written request to the Mayor of Ehlanzeni, Mr Jesta Sidell, to speed up the land audit.




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