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Paul Kruger’s birthday shows the importance of a people’s history

Paul Kruger was born on this day in 1825. For many he is unquestionably the greatest leader which the Afrikaner people has ever produced and it is important that historical dates such ads this one does not disappear from a people’s cultural treasure chest, Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the Freedom Front Plus says.

“The ANC has re-written the history books and that is why there is a huge obligation and responsibility on all Afrikaners to convey the knowledge of their background, history and culture from one generation to the next.

“A people’s history is the rock and foundation on which it builds its future,” Dr. Mulder said.

Regarding Paul Kruger, Dr. Mulder said that he had played a prominent role in developing the old Transvaal Republic from a backwardly poor and under-developed small state into a modern state of its time. A state which was recognized by the world with ambassadors from all the great powers of that time residing in Pretoria.

He brought different groups of Afrikaners, who each wanted to establish their own republic, together with great patience to make this possible. It further entailed establishing a public service, legal system and economy without him having had any training in this.

With only a basic school education which he received at home, Kruger did not take a back seat to the superior British statesmen with their Oxford and Cambridge degrees with whom he had to negotiate on more than one occasion. Many stories are told about the way in which he resolved difficult problems with simple ‘Boer wisdom’.

Kruger, despite all the negative propaganda about the past, maintained good relations with the majority of black tribes.

The Kruger family Bible was in this fashion handed to the Magato tribe from Rustenburg during the Anglo-Boer war for safe-keeping to keep it out of the hands of the British people. That says a lot about relationships.

Following his passing away, the French honoured him with the message: “The leader of a small people, who stood for a great idea’.


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