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Parliamentary budget vote debate: National Treasury – Nothing will turn the country around as long as the ANC is in power

Just like the President, the FF Plus also dreams of a prosperous South Africa for everyone. A country where the economy is growing and where poverty is eradicated. Where there is policy certainty that promotes equality and creates an environment for the private sector that is conducive for economic growth. This will, however, not happen as long as the ANC is in power.

We dream of a country without bottomless pits, like our public enterprises, that simply keep swallowing tax money; a country where enterprises, like Eskom and the SAA, are privatised; where municipalities, towns and cities are functioning well with proper management and adequate budgets; and where there is service delivery for everyone.

We dream of a country that is not a welfare state where people are kept dependent on social grants for political gain and where there is a fiscal commission that functions independently, like the Reserve Bank, to determine the VAT rate based on government expenses with the aim of restricting government expenses.

We dream of a Parliament that is not just a rubber stamp, but that fulfils a true oversight role over budgets and thoroughly analyses these budgets so as to make appropriate adjustments if need be.

We dream of a country where the National Treasury's programmes are aimed at supporting municipalities and provinces and where these programmes are actually implemented and carried out.

The FF Plus dreams of a country without e-toll and the overtaxing of the public and businesses, which just creates a vicious cycle that destroys its own tax base and ultimately the economy. We dream of a country that does not have a corrupt and superfluous Road Accident Fund as part of the fuel levy, but rather mandatory third-party insurance for all motor vehicle owners.

We dream of a responsible government where not only the Treasury takes action and addresses problems, but where the entire government is also held accountable. Where the country's wealth belongs to all who live in it and not just to a small, political elite.

However, the biggest dreams, the best plans and the most competent minister will not make any difference as long as the ANC is in power. Any minister stands powerless against the corruption and mismanagement of his own party.

The Treasury is a good example. It does good work and its programmes are good, but it bears no fruit. And it will not be able to as long as cadres, instead of competent officials, are deployed at municipalities and other institutions.

Get rid of the ANC. That is the only medicine that will get South Africa healthy again.

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