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Parliamentary budget vote debate: Higher Education – Instead of being driven to destroy Afrikaans universities, the government should rather learn lessons

Afrikaans universities represent a heritage of decolonisation and broad-based economic empowerment. That is why it is to the detriment of the entire country, and not just Afrikaans-speaking people, that the ANC government wants to destroy them.

The FF Plus understands the ANC's need for transformation and broad-based economic empowerment. After the destruction of the Anglo-Boer War, there was no place for individualist liberalism. Families and communities were forced to pull together to at least help some of the children get an education.

Coming from schools that did not comply with international standards, Afrikaner children went to universities where their English peers looked down on. Because these institutions introduced the field of science to the Afrikaans youth in their own language, these young ones were able to rise above their humble circumstances and become internationally acclaimed scientists.

These individuals who performed well are, however, not the most important characteristic of these universities.

What is even more important is that a firm foundation of qualified people was established and that, in turn, raised the standards and status of these universities. First the institutions uplifted the people and then the people uplifted the institutions.

The significant role fulfilled by the government is recognised, but it was completely different from the way things are now.

Bursaries were managed by the Department of Education and for every year of study that was paid for, a new graduate had to work one year as a teacher. Some of them remained in the field of education, while others went into a different field.

The attitude towards government financial aid was one of gratitude and not entitlement, as is the case today.

For the FF Plus it is devastating that the ANC government decided to rather destroy Afrikaans as a language for higher education instead of learning something valuable from its history of overcoming various obstacles.

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