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Freedom Front Plus

Introduction of FF Plus’s Premier Candidate for the Western Cape

Dr Corné Mulder, Member of Parliament and Western Cape leader of the FF Plus, has been named the party’s Premier Candidate for the Western Cape for the general elections on 29 May this year.

Dr Mulder currently ranks first on the FF Plus’s list for the Western Cape Parliament.

Dr Mulder is the FF Plus’s Chief Whip in Parliament and is the longest serving Member of Parliament in South Africa with more than 36 years of uninterrupted service.

He is well grounded academically and holds a B. Juris, an LLB and an LLD degree.

He obtained his doctorate in Constitutional Law at the age of 26, and specialises in constitutions and constitutional models. He is also an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa.

Dr Mulder has become a household name in recent years through the key role that he has played, and continues to play, in negotiating and creating multi-party coalitions that, for the first time in three decades, offer real hope for ousting the ANC.

In addition to the party’s national campaign to restore and rebuild South Africa, the FF Plus in the Western Cape is also presenting a unique solemn undertaking to Western Cape voters and requesting their support.

Dr Mulder, furthermore, challenges all the other political parties’ premier candidates for the Western Cape to also sign this solemn undertaking, which deals with the crux of the issues faced by voters in the Western Cape.

Solemn undertaking:

We undertake to endeavour to:

  1. 1. Promote and develop Christian principles and values in our communities.
  2. 2. Establish a transparent and representative coalition government in the Western Cape, which will oppose and fight any attempt by the ANC and EFF and their partners to gain provincial power in the Western Cape.
  3. 3. Ensure freedom for the people of the Western Cape: freedom from unemployment, freedom from poverty, freedom from drugs, freedom from violence and social instability, and the freedom to determine our own language and cultural values.
  4. 4. Facilitate fair economic participation for all, including entrepreneurship and mentorship programmes, as well as funding for new businesses that will, in turn, provide jobs to local communities.

Offer incentives for companies that want to relocate to the Western Cape. Re-establish the clothing industry, and its factories, in the province, and limit the importation of cheap clothing products from China. Place the fishing industry back in the hands of local communities.

  1. 5. Establish family-first community networks. Create programmes to ensure safe communities. Create job opportunities, promote Christian family values and establish a support system to curb gender and domestic violence.
  2. 6. Launch an Innocence Project to protect the youth against unacceptable practices.

Take back our schools through competent school governing bodies and active community involvement . Ensure a safe environment in which children are free to play; and eradicate bullying and peer pressure. Empower our youth and promote mother-tongue education without government interference.

  1. 7. Restore law and order: Stop gang violence and shootings in our communities. Institute highly trained specialised units in the police service to eradicate the aforementioned.
  2. 8. Discourage illegal immigrants, who take our people’s jobs, from entering the Western Cape – our people come first.
  3. 9. TRANCRAA (The Transformation of Certain Rural Areas Act): Transfer land belonging to indigenous peoples. The land should be given back to the relevant communities, for example, Genadendal, Pniel, Pella etc.

We also commit ourselves to finding unique housing solutions in cooperation with the various different communities.

  1. 10. Promote the right of Western Cape residents to empower themselves and exercise a choice regarding their pursuit of freedom through federalism, locality, subsidiarity and self-determination, as recognised internationally.

Plan and organise a referendum process in the Western Cape as a step towards secession of the Western Cape.



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