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Gauteng residents can stop further decline of infrastructure in 2024

Wednesday afternoon’s explosion in Johannesburg’s CBD and the ongoing water crisis affecting many towns in Gauteng are only two examples of the alarming decline of infrastructure under ANC rule.

The lack of infrastructure maintenance, corruption and the deployment of cadres, who lack the required technical knowledge and skills, have brought the economic heartbeat of South Africa to a point where its public infrastructure is collapsing.

The cost of repairing the physical as well as the economic damage will be much more than what expansion and new infrastructure will cost.

The railways, roads and state infrastructure have already been captured on basically all levels, and are being controlled by poor policies and contracts to corrupt Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) companies with political ties to the ANC.

The municipal power, water and sewage infrastructure in Gauteng is becoming increasingly unstable with regular power and water outages as well as sewage spilling into rivers and streams being a frequent phenomenon.

Many businesses and especially large industries are forced to create their own minimal supportive infrastructure at great cost with after-taxed money just to keep their doors open, and are already showing serious losses. It inevitably damages investor confidence in the province and leads to job losses.

After nearly 30 years of the ANC’s poor governance, corruption and state capture, Gauteng residents and voters must step up and take back control over the future of the economic heartbeat of South Africa.

Opposition parties, the business sector, churches and civil rights organisations must join forces to defeat the ANC at the polls in 2024.

The ANC already had less than 50% support in the three metro councils in Gauteng in 2021, and marginal support in the other municipal councils. In the Gauteng Legislature, the ANC is retaining control with a majority of just one seat.

The FF Plus is calling on all Gauteng residents who are entitled to vote to register, and vote out the ANC and EFF so as to establish a multiparty coalition, like in the Tshwane Metro, which will bring about new hope and growth in the province.



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