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Gauteng Department of Education must prioritise mother-tongue education

(Debate on Gauteng Department of Educations’ annual report)

Today during the debate on the annual report of the Gauteng Department of Education, the FF Plus emphasised the importance of mother-tongue education and requested the Gauteng Education Department to make it a priority.

The FF Plus made it very clear that mother-tongue education is the best form of education that there is. An equally serious and ongoing problem for the Department of Education is that many infrastructure projects are not successfully completed.

Unfortunately, there are also many school communities who do not want to put their children in rural or newly established schools because they have a misconception that these schools offer a poorer quality education.

Thus, the Department of Education must engage with these school communities and inform them about the advantages of rural and new schools to rectify the misconception about these schools somehow offering a poorer quality education.

Lastly, the Department's centralised school enrolment system must be abolished. It happens every year that many learners are not placed at schools in time. Schools must be allowed to manage their own enrolment processes as they understand the needs of the communities in their surrounding areas much better that the central government.

The FF Plus will continue to fight for the principle of mother-tongue education in Gauteng.



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