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ANC is obstructing justice by interfering in criminal investigations into tender gangs in Matlosana

The ANC in North West's blatant interference in criminal investigations into tender gangs that have plunged Matlosana (Klerksdorp, Stilfontein, Orkney and Hartbeestfontein) into chaos for weeks comes down to the obstruction of justice.

Serious criminal charges were lodged with the police by the Municipality and members of the community.

The charges are currently being investigated by a special police task team. Complaints of sedition, intimidation, attempted murder, assault, damage to property, arson and the possession of illegal firearms were lodged.

Despite the seriousness of the charges and the enormous damage that these tender gangs have already caused the Municipality and the Matlosana community on the whole, the ANC in North West sees no problem with having meetings with the alleged gang leaders. Apparently, the aim of these meetings is to voice grievances.

After all the violence, disruption, intimidation and threats that municipal officials and members of the community have had to endure, the ANC's conduct seems absurd and comes down to an utter disregard for justice and the interests of the community. Holding meetings with people who incite violence serves no purpose at all.

The FF Plus demands that arrests must be made and that the guilty parties must be brought to book by the full force of the law.

Matlosana residents are justified in asking what kind of connection exits between the tender gangs and the ANC that the ANC feels compelled to meet with them.

It is a disturbing development and what an evil day it is as the ANC openly sides with the anarchists and alleged criminals.

The disruption of municipalities and local economies by tender gangs is on the rise all over the country and pose a significant risk.

Communities must not be held hostage by these criminal elements and their conduct any longer. What is equally alarming are the frequent reports implicating politicians in these misdeeds – the current situation in Matlosana seems to be an example of this.

The FF Plus will ask the police to prioritise creating a specialist unit for combating gang violence in rural areas. Such units have already been established in cities, but with the rise in gang violence in the rural areas, this initiative must be expanded.



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