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Freedom Front Plus

City planners are not doing enough to put a stop to illegal construction in Ekurhuleni

The Ekurhuleni Metro Council’s Department of City Planning is failing residents because it is doing too few inspections to discourage illegal construction in the Metro.

The Metro currently has 62 building inspectors in its employ and over the past six months, they conducted 32 000 inspections at various building sites. That adds up to four inspections per day.

Only 816 out of the 32 000 inspections (4%) have been flagged as violating the Metro’s building regulations. And the construction of only 33, out of the 816 that were flagged as illegal, has been stopped with a court application.

The rest of the offenders are merely issued fines, which must be paid before formally applying to the Metro for approval of the relevant building plans.

There is no guarantee that these fines actually compel offenders to obtain approval for their building plans from the Metro.

Building sites and buildings used by the public must at all times be safe.

The Department’s inspectors are responsible for seeing to it that building sites are inspected frequently and thoroughly enough to ensure that they are safe and usable.

This applies to the duration of the building process as well as the commissioning of newly built premises.

The FF Plus demands that the Department’s inspection activities must be audited as a matter of urgency.



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