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Budget vote debate in NCOP: Parliament – Parliament must serve minorities as well

The South African Parliament is the highest platform of service to the country and its people. And yet it seems as if numerous Members of Parliament simply want to abuse their honourable position to disrupt and to intimidate and in so doing, sabotage Parliament's activities.

Our Parliament is a constitutional institution and its functions are enshrined within a constitutional framework. Some Members apparently believe that their parliamentary status makes them untouchable and that their offences, such as condoning state capture and looting like at VBS Bank, will remain unpunished.

It also seems as if the ANC's only strategy to save the country entails turn-around-plans aimed at pushing out white people in every workplace and replacing them primarily with cadres, regardless of whether they are competent or not.

It is cowardly of the ANC to blame white people for all the problems that the various departments face. These statements are becoming more and more absurd. Apparently, white Afrikaners are to blame for the fact that tourists do not want to visit the country, that is according to the chairperson of the parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Tourism.

This statement was made after Tourism South Africa indicated in its annual report that the debate on land expropriation without compensation was identified as one of the five key issues that lead to "negative perceptions" that have a detrimental effect on international tourists' decision to visit South Africa.

The specific reference to Afrikaners in this regard indicates, on the one hand, the ignorance concerning the fact that other racial groups in South Africa are also worried about the government's plans to expropriate land and, on the other hand, the government's preference for blame shifting rather than taking responsibility for its own failures.

The ANC's chairperson in the National Assembly recently said that an EFF member's statement that Afrikaans is a "disgusting language" was not unparliamentary. It seems that both the EFF and the ANC have lost their constitutional and moral compass.

Budgets must be spent meaningfully and departments must cooperate purposefully in striving to achieve the holistic objective of serving all the people of South Africa.

The country and its people have suffered enough at the hands of the ANC government. Farm murders, crime and other incidents, like the Esidimeni tragedy and the incident in the Mamelodi Hospital where an elderly woman was tied up and left lying on the floor, are unacceptable.

Minorities are furthermore also oppressed by means of Affirmative Action (AA) and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). As long as the laws that govern these policies are in place, we cannot talk about creating one South Africa for all.

There is, however, still hope!

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