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FF Plus visits Sebokeng Hospital after parents’ plea

The FF Plus paid an urgent visit to the Sebokeng Hospital in Emfuleni last Friday after the parents of a young man approached the party to investigate the circumstances at the hospital.

The 21-year-old man, who has been in the hospital for 35 days, was admitted on the 10th of June for a simple procedure. The operation was, however, postponed after which more complex surgery was needed.

To make matters worse, the hospital staff gave him food that caused the stitches of his abdominal operation to come loose. Further complications followed and he contracted an infection (acinetobacter haumannii) which meant that the wound could not be surgically sutured immediately.

The FF Plus is concerned as patients complain that there is not enough medication, hot water or proper general hospital hygiene and the air conditioner is out of order.

Seeing as South Africa has such a poor economy at present, many people have no choice but to make use of state hospital services.

The Sebokeng Hospital was classified as one of the ten worst hospitals in Gauteng due to the number of cases of negligence that have been reported. Patients have also sued the Hospital for gross negligence.

The FF Plus will compile a report and table it in the Gauteng Legislature so that feasible solutions to these problems can be found.

Gauteng patients' constitutional right to be treated with dignity and to have access to good health care in the province's hospitals and clinics are of the utmost importance.

Contact details: 071 604 9498



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