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Two SONAs in election year: Ramaphosa possibly only delivering the first

In a year where general elections are held, there are two State of the Nation Addresses (SONAs). One before and one after the elections. The FF Plus hopes that voters will use their votes to ensure that President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers only the first.

When it comes to this week’s SONA (Thursday), the President will undoubtedly deliver an “elections SONA” to commend the ANC for what it has supposedly achieved over the past 30 years.

The FF Plus, therefore, does not expect any significant announcements on, among other things, economic growth. Should he make any such announcements, it will be no more than hollow words loaded with rhetoric and propaganda.

It is interesting to note that members of the public are increasingly expressing in the media that they are no longer interested in listening to the SONA, because they see it as a list of empty promises that never materialise.

What the FF Plus would like to hear is President Ramaphosa addressing the serious unemployment crisis in South Africa.

It would, however, be useless to simply announce yet another summit with promises of investments. No-one takes it seriously anymore. He should address the real reasons behind the weak economy and steadily rising unemployment rate, and say what government is going to do about it.

He should also explain why the many promises regarding South Africa’s ongoing power crisis were not kept. Last year, certain key figures in government circles promised that the crisis would be resolved by the end of that year.

Truth be told, the President should use his SONA to apologise to the people of South Africa for the country’s decline and the numerous empty promises he made during his tenure as head of state.

The FF Plus does not have high hopes for any new, meaningful announcements. Whatever is said or promised should be taken with a pinch of salt in any case.

The public’s lukewarm reaction, via the media, to the upcoming SONA should send a loud and clear message to President Ramaphosa, i.e., he has totally lost all credibility as head of state.

The FF Plus is calling on each and every eligible South African voter to register and vote to ensure that this is the last SONA delivered by a President and government that have nothing more to offer to save the country from utter ruin.



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