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Matric pass rate is misleading

"For an education system to be successful, the emphasis should be on quality education rather than on a good matric pass rate," says Tammy Wessels, FF Plus Youth Leader.

"The 2018 matric pass rate is misleading seeing as 55% of all the learners who were in Grade 1 in 2007 did not write the matric examinations in 2018, thus, they were let down by the system somewhere along the line.

"South Africa's basic education system with its lowered standards and high dropout rate is utterly inadequate and can consequently not prepare learners properly for tertiary education and the labour market. And that puts a damper on the 2018 results.

"The FF Plus would like to congratulate the learners who performed well despite difficult circumstances and thank the dedicated teachers who made a positive contribution in the face of numerous challenges.

"In reality, the pass rate must be measured against the dropout rate," Wessels said.

Only 35% of the learners who started Grade 1 in 2007 (1 141 731), passed matric in 2018. Only 37% of the learners who were in Grade 10 in 2016 (1 067 075), passed Grade 12 in 2018.

"According to an international study, 78% of Grade 4 learners cannot read properly. That points to a failing education system.

"Our education is being centralised to serve the ANC ideologically. And that marginalises everyone who aim to strive for something better.

"The ANC government is making the artificial matric pass rate the top priority instead of improving the school curriculum, equipping teachers and promoting mother-tongue education.

"The unacceptably high unemployment rate among the youth indicates that there is a lot of room for improvement. Those who pass on the lower levels are the ones who are not equipped to make a contribution in the workplace or to continue their studies.

"The FF Plus also wants to point out that the Gauteng MEC for Education, Mr Panyaza Lesufi, must not consider his province's high pass rate as substantiation for his controversial education policy.

"It must be noted that his most important "reforms" had no effect on the matric class of 2018.

 "The FF Plus will keep fighting for better schools, a better curriculum and a quality education system with mother-tongue instruction," Wessels said.



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