Freedom Front Plus
Freedom Front Plus

Restore Border Control

The integrity of our country’s borders should be restored. “Soft” borders result in an influx of people when economic pressure increases elsewhere in Africa. It also means that domestic goods, such as rhino horns, and foreign goods, such as firearms and drugs, can move across our borders. It also makes it easier for ruthless traders to avoid tariffs and levies that are implemented to protect the local economy. The FF Plus demands effective border control.  

Immigration is a natural process and every country tries to manage it in such a way that it is beneficial. For that to happen, immigrants must possess knowledge and skills that are scarce in the recipient country. However, due to poor border control, South Africa is the recipient of large numbers of immigrants whose potential to contribute to the country has not been assessed. These illegal immigrants also put immense pressure on water resources, healthcare, job opportunities and other social services, to the detriment of South African citizens.

  • Ensure effective border control that restores the integrity of our country’s borders.
  • Take decisive action against corrupt officials.
  • Stop the movement of drugs, rhino horns and illegal weapons across our borders.
  • Address illegal immigration.


Policy Matter
Die Redaksie

Rebuild The Defense Force

The effectiveness of a defence force is determined by its equipment and its people. Unfortunately, South Africa falls short in regard to both of these.

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