Freedom Front Plus
Freedom Front Plus

Rebuild The Defense Force

The effectiveness of a defence force is determined by its equipment and its people. Unfortunately, South Africa falls short in regard to both of these. South Africa’s National Defence Force (SANDF) has deteriorated significantly as a result of constant financial shortfalls and neglect in the form of poor maintenance. In addition, an even bigger problem is the lack of expertise and discipline in the SANDF. At the moment, the only thing that counts in South Africa’s favour is the fact that there is no obvious and immediate foreign threat. 

The FF Plus will combine the difficult task of re-establishing competence in the SANDF with enforcing strict discipline. The aim is to create a professional defence force which possesses the will and the ability to effectively defend our country. Equipment and weaponry will be procured within fiscal limitations.

  • Establish a competent and disciplined defence force.
  • Procure equipment and weaponry within fiscal limitations.


Policy Matter
Die Redaksie

Restore Border Control

The integrity of our country’s borders should be restored. “Soft” borders result in an influx of people when economic pressure increases elsewhere in Africa. It

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