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Zuma wrong about violent crime and deaths of police

“President Jacob Zuma’s remarks that the culture of violent crime in South Africa can be ascribed to apartheid and colonialism is proof that he is erring and is in a state of denial. It is also proof that he is in actual fact acknowledging that he does not know how to solve the problem. He and his government are the biggest causes of violent crime because they cannot eradicate poverty and cannot create jobs,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the chief spokesperson on police for the Freedom Front Plus says.

“Zuma is jumping around about the violence in South Africa and last month said that South Africa should be made a weapons-free country. Another sign of his ignorance. Furthermore Zuma and his government are setting the example of lawlessness by not even adhering to a court order in the al-Bashir case. If the president doesn’t adhere to the laws of the country, why would the criminals do it?

“Although everybody condemns the murders of members of the police, the training and vigilance of police members should be reviewed. Proper training of street survival should be provided. Criminals know that many police members are poorly trained and that is why they are no longer scared of the police. Zuma is part of the problem because he has already appointed two incompetent police commissioners (Cele and Phiyega). It is time that Zuma appoints a police commissioner with experience and expertise in police work. If it is not going to happen, violent crime will keep on increasing in South Africa,” Groenewald said.


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