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Youth unemployment already a freefall to disaster

(Debate in Parliament)

Unemployment, and youth unemployment in particular, is no longer a looming crisis for South Africa. It is already a freefall to disaster, which could easily drag the rest of the country down with it.

Summits, workshops, debates and action plans will not do anything to solve the problem. Job opportunities do not fall from the sky and the government cannot sustainability keep creating jobs.

Job creation depends on economic growth which, in turn, depends on sound government policy that creates a favourable labour environment and attracts investments.

The foundation of all this is a proper educational system that offers young people the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills and qualifications to enter the labour market.

What is happening at the moment, though, is that qualified South Africans are leaving the country for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of job opportunities, crime and poor service delivery.

Approximately 23 000 schooled South Africans leave the country every year to put their skills to use somewhere else. These are precisely the people that the country needs to bring about job creation and growth.

The lack of proper service delivery and collapsing infrastructure in all areas are great contributing factors to the country's deteriorating economic situation, which results in even greater unemployment.

Various other factors, like unreliable power supply, expropriation without compensation, unaffordable minimum wages and institutionalised discrimination based on race are more dominoes tipping over due to the disastrous ANC policy.

South Africa does have enough potential to be a prosperous country if the right government policy is implemented so that everyone in the country can build a happy future on it together. That, however, remains an impossibility as long as the ANC is in power.




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