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Action, not cheap talking, is needed to eradicate corruption

(Debate in Parliament on the detrimental impact of government corruption on South Africa’s people and development)

Despite slogans like "a good story to tell" and "a government that cares", the ANC government has allowed looting, corruption and self-enrichment, which caused the country to deteriorate at the expense of millions of poverty-stricken South Africans.

According to Transparency International, corruption contributes to inequality and has a negative impact on the distribution of wealth. Corruption also negatively impacts economic growth, investment and taxation.

Corruption and the consequent poor service delivery are literally draining the life out of people while a select few benefit. Not too long ago, a young teacher died in an accident caused by a pothole.

Taxpayers do not get value for their money. On local government level, residents pay municipal rates and taxes, but there is no garbage disposal, no reliable water and power supply and sewage flows down the streets.

While basic service delivery is lacking and infrastructure is falling apart, businesses cannot sustainably create jobs and contribute to growing the economy. State revenue is shrinking and the poor are the ones hardest hit.

Those involved in corruption are undermining the rule of law, like municipal managers who disregard court orders and sabotage investigations. Former President Jacob Zuma even defied a ruling by the Constitutional Court.

There is nothing in South Africa that the ANC touched that is not in need of a turn-around strategy. Much more than cheap talking is needed to put an end to corruption. Action is needed.

Section 217 of the Constitution stipulates that when an organ of state awards contracts for goods or services, it must do so in accordance with a system which is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective. But now it has become a fertile breeding ground for corruption.

Do away with legislation and regulations that make it possible for a culture of tenderpreneurs to flourish and ANC policy, like Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), that creates a favourable environment for corruption.

Take action against offenders. Not only against officials, but also against the politicians who stand idly by and look on as looting takes place, like with the Vrede Dairy Project.

Speed up the implementation of the Draft Public Procurement Bill and include a clause that requires all tenders and contracts of all three levels of government as well as of public enterprises to be disclosed to the public.

Implement a process, like the one in Australia, which allows for infrastructure projects to be developed in terms of legislation that is tabled in the relevant Legislature and is enacted quickly.

The ANC is running South Africa like a pyramid scheme and as a result, people will start taking initiative and following their own lead.



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