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What has happened to Clive Derby-Lewis shows the minister of correctional services’ double standards

The fact that a truly sick Clive Derby-Lewis is still in prison while a person such as Schabir Shaik is free to play golf and do shopping, indisputably points to double standards and political motives of the minister of correctional services, Mr. Mike Masutha, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on correctional services says.

Dr. Groenewald said today during the budget debate of the department it cannot be condoned what Derby-Lewis had done and he has been punished for it.

What however happened to Derby-Lewis’ parole application was wrong, especially when it is taken into consideration that someone such as Shaik had only served two years and nine months of his sentence of 15 years following which he was given medical parole due to severe high blood pressure. Derby-Lewis has been behind bars for 22 years, Dr. Groenewald said.

“Shaik is healthy enough, with his high blood pressure and all, to play golf with his friends in high places. That is why he was given parole. In addition he then applies to have his medical parole changed to ordinary parole and it is granted. How arrogant is this? He actually says there was never anything wrong with him.

“But when it comes to Clive Derby-Lewis, the minister says he doesn’t have documents and medical reports in Derby-Lewis’ name. This is despite the fact that Correctional Services had advised Derby-Lewis to check in to hospital under a different name.

“This was done on the advice of the department. Then the minister comes high and mightily and says he does not see anything wrong with Derby-Lewis and that he can take care of himself if he can move around in prison – even though he is in a hospital.

“The minister is sitting and laughing when I talk about this but it is clear that he is applying double standards His political slip is actually dragging behind him like the vail of a bride. This is how his double standards are showing.

“I want to call on the minister to get serious about this issue. He decides about final parole. Be reasonable and fair and if you are so, you will see to it that Clive Derby-Lewis is given parole,” Dr. Groenewald said.


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