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ANC government uses force to make e-toll users pay

The new measures with regards toe-tolls that deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa announced today makes it clear that the system has failed due to public opposition and that coercive measures will now be used to collect toll fees, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Transport says.

He said the reduction in the monthly maximum amount to be levied is also just a gimmick to ensure greater public participation without any guarantees about future adjustments in tariffs.

According to Adv. Alberts, the E-Toll Action group (TAG) of which the FF Plus a member has already met to discuss the adjustments and the group steadfastly sticks to its view that the e-toll is an immoral system and an illegal form of taxation.

The action group will continue with its court action to have e-tolls declared illegal and will in due course issue a statement on this.

“Deputy President Ramaphosa today repeatedly boasted that the changes which have been made is the result of a government which cares for the public and listens to them.

“Just the opposite is true. It is precisely because the ANC government did not listen to its people and consulted them sufficiently that the state is now stuck with this debt of much more than R20 billion.

“Yesterday the FF Plus issued a statement containing statistics which indicated that the income from e-tolls since June last year has sharply declined. What can be seen here is a desperate attempt of the state to rescue the system from collapse. And this is taking place on the public’s account.

“It can be compared to the Eskom fiasco where the public will now be forced through the requested 25% increase in tariffs to pay for the mismanagement of Eskom.

“It is well-known that more than R60 billion is lost in South Africa annually as a result of fraud, theft, corruption and mismanagement. This is more than enough to pay the outstanding debt of the e-toll system in one payment.

“The state’s gravy train is however steaming ahead unrestrained while the public is being forced through various methods such as e-tolls and exorbitant tariff increases to pay for it.

“The FF Plus still says that e-tolls should be scrapped and will also oppose the new measures in any way possible,” Adv. Alberts says.


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