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WEF report shows that ANC suffers from a degenerative disease

South Africa’s slide down the index in the latest World Economic Forum (WEF) report only supports the notion that the ANC must have some or other serious disease seeing as every part of society that has come into contact with the ANC has been infected by utter failure, says adv Anton Alberts, chairperson of the FF Plus.

Adv Alberts says that it is discouraging to see how fast South Africa is going downhill as the country has dropped fourteen positions on the WEF index and now finds itself in the 61st place out of 137 countries.

He adds that it is significant that the WEF does not hold back and clearly blames corruption, crime, theft, the instability of the government, high tax rates, bureaucratic red tape and poor work ethics in the labour force for South Africa’s economic decline.

“What is, however, seriously worrying is that South Africa’s basic education and health care is considered to be of the worst in the world (ranked 121st out of the 137 countries), despite the fact the most of the country’s budget is spent on providing health care and especially education.

“With regard to health care, it is a well-known fact that there is a chronic shortage of medicine and skilled practitioners and most state hospitals are reminiscent of an abattoir.

“The only areas in which South Africa seems to show progress are related to the size, the sophistication and the innovation of its business sector, but this can all the attributed to the private sector that still contributes and performs well, despite the ANC government’s poor policies and constant interfering.

“The fact that Ruanda, an African country that was destroyed by civil war only a few years before South Africa became a democracy, has a better ranking on the index than South Africa does, proves that the ANC is not doing a good job of governing our country.

“Clearly, a better government is long overdue,” says adv Alberts.


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