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Warnings about water crisis are becoming a reality for Nelson Mandela Bay

The FF Plus is concerned about the fact that the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (NMBM) did not even heed its own warnings to save water and also did not listen to the FF Plus's recommendations that resources must be accumulated to prevent the dreaded "Day Zero".

The Metro is currently scrambling to get enough water carts to deploy in the various areas in the Metro and provide water to residents, who have been without water for 72 hours already.

Because the ANC-controlled Metro does not have sufficient resources to provide all the wards with water, residents are driving from one area to the next to find water.

Although the Metro has been sending notices to residents cautioning them to save water since 2018, the Metro itself only started taking decisive action this year when it started repairing leakages – and it may very well be too little too late as the four large dams that supply the Metro with water have a combined capacity of just 18,84% at the moment.

One of the main problems that the Metro is currently facing is that it does not have enough water carts to carry water to all the areas where the taps are running dry.

In addition, load shedding and regular power outages mean that the required reservoir levels cannot be maintained and as a result, the water pressure is too low to ensure an uninterrupted water supply to certain residential areas.

Lastly, it is alarming that the water provided by the water carts is not suitable for human consumption and looks more like grey water instead.

The FF Plus is calling on the Metro to urgently take action and prepare in advance for resolving the current as well as any future water crises.

The FF Plus will join hands with the residents and will not hesitate to put pressure on the Metro to remedy the situation.

Contact details: 072 582 3461



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