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Wanted: A place where Wolraad Woltemade and his horse are heroes in everyone’s eyes

Wolraad Woltemade is a universal hero. His heroic act of 250 years ago is much greater than the 14 sailors he rescued from the Table Bay waves. It knows no time, colour nor bounds.

And that is why it is regrettable that this great hero has no honorary place where South Africans can pay homage to him. His statue, which currently stands in front of the Old Mutual building in Pinelands, is shrouded in shame.

Old Mutual refused a request by the FAK to honour the simple dairy farmer who sacrificed his life for his fellow man by placing a wreath at the statue today.

According to Old Mutual, they are unable to grant the FAK’s request because, among other reasons, the organisation represents a “diverse variety of cultures” and is, therefore, “mindful” of how heritage ought to be celebrated, both in South Africa and across the group.

The FF Plus finds it regrettable that colour should be brought to bear on this issue at all, because that is obviously what is insinuated. In those dark hours while the storm was raging all around him, Woltemade surely did not first consider the skin colour of the next person he was about to rescue.

The FF Plus will endeavour to erect a statue of Wolraad Woltemade somewhere where he can be a hero for all South Africans. A place where every South African can be touched and inspired by Woltemade’s selfless love for his fellow man, where everyone can pay homage to him, irrespective of their skin colour.

The party will engage with all the relevant authorities, both in the Western Cape and nationally, but is also calling on every South African to help give Wolraad Woltemade a place where he and his trusty steed, Vonk, can inspire many more generations to come.



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