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UNPO passes FF Plus resolution calling for an investigation into ANC transgressions and atrocities committed against minorities in SA

Today, the international organisation for the protection of minorities, UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation), passed a far-reaching resolution of the FF Plus, which calls for an investigation into, amongst other things, the numerous and wide-ranging transgressions of the ANC as well as the atrocities committed against farmers in South Africa.

The decision to pass the resolution followed a motion that dr. Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus, presented to UNPO’s thirteenth general assembly in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The resolution detailed the collapse of the country’s economy, corruption, the abuse of power, the marginalisation of minority groups, racial polarisation and the fate of the farming community in South Africa.

The complete resolution:


The FF Plus and UNPO express their concern for the general state of South Africa with regard to the current economic recession, level of corruption and the abuse of power by the government;


Regret the notable increase in the marginalisation of minority groups in South Africa and the continuous racial polarisation perpetuated by the South African government and its President against the Afrikaner minority;


Note the violence and atrocities targeting a strategic minority enterprise, which is not only responsible for food security, but also for job creation, economic growth and prosperity in South Africa;


Take note of:

the public pronouncements of President Jacob Zuma and other government leaders that vilify the Afrikaner minority;

the President and other government leaders that blame the Afrikaner minority group for the current economic turmoil, unemployment and poverty in the country;

the continued attempts of the government to legislate the expropriation of land without compensation;

the more than 2 393 farm murders and 14 589 farm attacks that have taken place since 1991;

the brutal and violent nature of these farm attacks and murders;

the comparative figures of murders: the international average is 7 murders per 100 000 of the population per year, while South Africa generally registers 33 murders per 100 000 people per year, but 133 per 100 000 per year for farmers;

the continued attempts of the government to marginalise Afrikaans as a language and a medium of education at primary, secondary and tertiary level;

the sustained legislative endeavours undertaken by the government to exclude Afrikaners (under the generic and racist label of “white”) from the labour force by means of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998, as amended. The Act forces the public and private sectors to implement racial affirmative action quotas that reflect the national and regional demography, thereby seriously diminishing the right of Afrikaners – the majority of whom are skilled – to participate in the economy, to earn a living wage and to contribute to the economy;

the endeavour undertaken by the government to exclude Afrikaners (under the generic and racist label of “white”) from the economy by means of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003, as amended, and its Code of Good Practice that affect the economy as a whole and that enforce racially-based ownership quotas in all public and private enterprises whereby points are scored for the “blackness” of the enterprise. The more “black”, the more you can trade with government or large private enterprises, the more “white” the less business you can do. A “black” shareholding score below 40% disqualifies an Afrikaner enterprise from doing business with any large enterprises or government, which constitute the greater part of the South African economy. The Code promotes 100% black ownership and as such it denies Afrikaners business ownership in South Africa.

Therefore, the UNPO General Assembly

Urges the South African government to adhere to the Bill of Rights of South Africa, to promote social cohesion as well as minority groups’ language and cultural rights and to declare farm attacks a priority crime in order to take real action that will put a stop to it;


Requests the United Nations Human Rights Commission to initiate a full investigation into these matters in order to pressurise the South African government to put an end to these atrocities.


Contact numbers: 083 627 4397 / 083 419 5403



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