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Tshwane court ruling: Democracy restored and provincial ANC government receives a bloody nose

The FF Plus welcomes the ruling by the Supreme Court of Appeals that the coalition government of the Tshwane Metro must be reinstituted. By implication it means that the Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, unlawfully dissolved the Tshwane Metro Council.

The Court of Appeals' ruling proves that the provincial ANC government's appeal against the original High Court ruling, which gave the same finding, was completely unnecessary. Thus, the ANC once again wasted taxpayers' money by disputing the High Court ruling.

Democracy has now been restored and the ANC provincial government received yet another well-deserved hiding in court for its cynical abuse of statutory powers to undermine the democratically elected coalition government in the city.

The FF Plus warned the ANC numerous times that its legal ground for the dissolution was shaky and that its political opportunism was just a desperate attempt to undemocratically take over power in the Metro.

Since the dissolution of the Metro Council, significant misappropriation and maladministration occurred to the detriment of the residents and taxpayers in the Metro. The democratically elected Council can now, however, continue to guide the Metro on the road to recovery.

The FF Plus has proven itself to be a reliable governing partner and will continue to serve the Metro's residents and taxpayers.

The FF Plus is currently busy examining the details of the court ruling and plans to engage with other coalition partners to discuss what to do next.

The party will not hesitate to lodge a complaint of contempt of court against the ANC and EFF councillors who disrupt council meetings in a male fide way in the future.

Contact details: 082 466 3786 / 062 391 1804



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