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Total lockdown: Time has come to stand together in time of great crisis

President Cyril Ramaphosa's announcement of a national lockdown, which will severely restrict the people of South Africa's freedom of movement, is a drastic step but the Covid-19 virus necessitates drastic steps to prevent the catastrophic spread of the disease.

The national defence force's involvement means that the country basically finds itself in a national state of emergency. These drastic steps are particularly necessary due to the high incidence of HIV/Aids and tuberculosis in South Africa as such individuals' immune systems are already suppressed.

The FF Plus supports these steps as in practice it seems to have been the most effective way to prevent the loss of lives in other countries. The party is, thus, appealing to all South Africans to cooperate in order to limit the spread of the virus at all costs.

The FF Plus is concerned by President Ramaphosa's own admission that the country's health care services will not be able to handle an extensive outbreak of the virus and that it will result in an absolute crisis, also for those who do not have the virus.

The three weeks' lockdown that will last until midnight on the 16th of April will have serious consequences for the economy and will result in job losses, but it could be much worse and may be extended to three months if people do not adhere strictly to the regulations.

The FF Plus supports these steps and will keep a close eye on how the situation develops. The party will make use of media releases as well as other forms of communication to communicate with the people regarding the matter.

The party expects the government to urgently intervene at municipalities that are experiencing water shortages so as to ensure that those communities have access to adequate water supply, which is vital for good hygiene.

Seeing as the current situation comes down to a state of emergency, companies that supply water must be obliged to supply water to places where it is needed.

The FF Plus welcomes the establishment of a solidarity fund as well as the other initiatives to support those who may lose their jobs. The FF Plus will keep a close eye on the situation to ensure that the government does everything in its power to support the people of South Africa during this time of crisis.

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