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The ANC repeatedly shows it is not accountable

The ANC government has innumerable times shown it is not accountable to the people of South Africa, and this was clearly pointed out by the Constitutional Court in the Nkandla saga, Dr. Corné Mulder, the chief whip of the FF Plus said.

Dr. Mulder said today in the parliamentary debate on the matter that parliament, in particular, is a place where it is very important to retain one’s credibility, as it would be very difficult to regain it once it has been lost.

He said the public of South Africa had lost their trust in parliament, and it was confirmed by the Constitutional Court which found that parliament had failed in its duty to hold government accountable in terms of the Public Protector’s recommendations about Nkandla.

“The Constitutional Court went so far as to say that everything parliament did with regards to the PP ‘s recommendations was wrong. And the ANC members cannot say that they did not know. They were warned by me and others time and time again that they were acting wrongly.

“I stood here and told the ANC that one could not vote something which is wrong, right. But no one listened, and the wrong decisions were time and again rushed through in a voting process in parliament.

“The ANC government consistently abused its superiority in numbers, and lost all credibility in this way. It is not a right to govern, it is a privilege. And the ANC government has lost that privilege,” Dr. Mulder said.


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