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Strikers disrupt students at Rhodes University

The FF Plus strongly condemns the workers strike at Rhodes University, especially because it is extremely disruptive for students who are keen to continue with their academic activities," says Adv Anton Alberts, the FF Plus parliamentary spokesman for higher education.

Adv. Alberts says the effect it has on students is extremely negative, especially in terms of food supply, and there are even fears that food can be sabotaged to intimidate students.

According to Adv. Alberts he will discuss the situation with the Minister of Higher Education with the budget debate of this portfolio next Tuesday if the situation persists.

"It would appear that the university's management wants to be fair towards the workers, but because of overdue tuition fees, the university simply does not have the necessary funds for the increase demands.

"Here's another situation where ordinary people are set against each other. This time university workers against university and students, because of the overall mismanagement of the country's economy by the ANC government.

"The university makes it clear that the new group of students do not have access to funding for their studies, indicating that their parents – and thus families in general – are suffering financially.

“It is another shameful event that was created by the ANC government who does not know how to grow our economy and even tolerate a leader who captures the state for his own benefit. With the downgrading of the economy, the country is facing tougher times and the picture is getting even darker for students.

"The FF Plus wants to reiterate the only way out of the doldrums is to replace the ANC in 2019 with a coalition of opposition parties that will protect the free market which will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to thrive," Adv. Alberts says.


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