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South Africa’s attitude towards saving water must change drastically to prevent severe water crisis

(Debate in parliament: Adjustment Budget for Department of Water and Sanitation)

South Africa's attitude towards saving water must change drastically to prevent a severe water crisis and the ANC must prioritise water above wasting billions of rand more to try and save the South African Airways (SAA).

South Africa finds itself in a water crisis and the public is starting to lose hope. South Africans, black and white alike, are tired of poor service delivery where a staggering 35% of water goes to waste due to faulty infrastructure.

A drastic attitude change is needed. The ANC must start listening to the people of South Africa.

The single biggest threat for the world's future is a lack of water and food. The ANC is not paying enough attention to the conservation and distribution of water.

What is particularly shocking is that experts predicted that the country is headed for a serious water shortage 21 years ago already.

At present, there is a great influx of people from Africa into South Africa and that means the demand for water is constantly increasing. Building a dam takes between seven and ten years and because the government has failed to build enough dams, the Eastern Cape – like the rest of the country – is headed for disaster.

The Eastern Cape's biggest dam, the Kouga, was only 7% full two years ago. After that, it filled up to about 55%, but now it is basically empty on 6% capacity. The average of all the dams in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality is a mere 18%. This indicates how very serious the situation is.

On top of that, the ANC government treats the country's farmers like enemies while they are the only ones who can ensure food security.

Many farmers are now building and paying for their own dams and not just to benefit themselves, but also to help and provide water to emerging farmers and communities in rural areas.

It is noteworthy that before 1995, 27 large dams were built but since the ANC came into power in 1994, only seven dams have been built.

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