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South Africa must get its own house in order before concerning itself with the safety and security of others

(Parliamentary debate: Strengthening the security grouping and the mobilisation of South Africa’s people and Africa)

South Africa must get its own house in order as regards security before it tries to tell other countries in the area, and in the rest of Africa, what to do.

This is particularly true when there are many question marks over South Africa's security grouping, and a recent report by experts pointed fingers at President Cyril Ramaphosa and his Cabinet for last July's unrest that caused widespread instability in the country.

Moreover, the criminal justice system is failing the people of South Africa.

The police service's own statistics indicate that less than 20% of all criminal offenders are ultimately successfully prosecuted. Thus, one has a chance of greater than 80% of getting away with committing a crime in this country.

The fact that the fight against crime has been lost is also evident in, among other things, the country's murder rate and the high incidence of gender-based violence.

Over the past year, approximately 1 200 people have been murdered by bundu courts and those who decided to take the law into their own hands.

It clearly serves as proof that a community has lost all faith in the police and security grouping to maintain law and order.

The ANC government must first do some serious introspection before it concerns itself with security-related situations elsewhere.

Ultimately, the situation in South Africa will only improve once the ANC has been ousted and a new government comes into power.




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