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Resistance of taxpayers to pay money to a corrupt ANC government will increase

As corruption and incompetence in the ANC government increases, taxpayers’ resistance to having their hard earned money being handed over to an effective government will increase accordingly, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on the Economy, says.

Adv. Alberts said today during the Second Reading Debate on the Division of Revenue Bill that world events such as Brexit and election of Donald Trump as the president of America are two global macro shifts which is also of importance to South Africa.

He said it indicates that the liberal and progressive leadership elite is out of touch with ordinary people at grassroots level.

“Against this backdrop, the division of revenue is a sensible metaphor for the division in our country. More and more taxpayers are questioning their moral obligation to pay taxes.

“Taxes are collected in an aggressive manner, but are divided amongst corrupt authorities who cannot deliver services. Everybody is affected, but the poorest amongst us, the most.

“Many taxpayers and the poorest can feel the increasing distance between themselves and the governing elite in their pockets and their bodies.

“In this regard, huge seismic shifts are taking place. On the one side taxpayers, white and black alike, are increasingly trying to avoid paying taxes and on the other side the poor are asking why they shouldn’t be hoping for a better life.

“Both these trends are preparing South Africa for a revolutionary environment. There is of course certain people who would like to see a revolution. The majority of South Africans are, however, tolerant of each other and plead for a future where there is a better life and place for everyone.

“The government will have to take serious note of the typical questions being asked by taxpayers and the poor:

Do I have to pay tax to a government where corruption has become endemic?

Do I have to pay tax when the government cannot protect me on my farm or in the city?

Do I have to pay tax when the government cannot fulfil its welfare obligations to the poor?

Do I have to pay tax when it strengthens the government’s hand to take my property without compensation?

Will I ever see a better life without poverty?

Will I ever be safe from murder and crime, even if I am poor?

“The fundamental question is whether it is necessary to obey laws if the president wittingly doesn’t do it, like his initial ignoring of the Public Protector’s recommendations?

“It is clear that there is a fast increasing separation between the government and ordinary people of this country,” Adv. Alberts says.


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