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Pretoria/Tshwane coalition government, of which the FF Plus is a partner, sends ANC home tail between the legs

The ANC and EFF's attempted unseating of the coalition government in Pretoria/Tshwane by removing the mayor, Solly Msimanga, failed.

The parties in the coalition government, the FF Plus, DA, ACDP and Cope, today stood united and successfully averted the attacks by the new corruption-alliance between the ANC and the EFF and thus conveyed a clear message regarding similar opportunism in the future.

The new corruption-alliance between the ANC and the EFF seems to be built on pure opportunism and the only kind of trust that can exist between the two parties is the kind that is found among crooks, namely every man for himself.

It was already clear that the corruption-alliance’s motions would not be successful when the EFF's motion was dismissed on a technical point. It almost seemed as if the motion was intentionally drawn up in such a way that it would not comply with the council's rules and regulations and that the speaker would, therefore, have no choice but to reject it.

It goes to show that the EFF was not serious about passing the motion at all, the party simply wanted to fire a shot across the bows of the coalition government. In this way, the party let its corruption-coalition partner, the ANC, down.

This was confirmed when the EFF left the council chambers after its motion was not adopted, knowing full well that the ANC still wanted to table another motion to the same effect.

The EFF's actions amount to pure opportunism and the party even let the ANC down. As a result, the ANC had no choice but to also leave the council chambers. It seemed as if the EFF's actions caught the ANC completely off guard and it should serve as a lesson to the ANC – the EFF is not to be trusted.

This shaky attempt at cooperation between the EFF and the ANC was apparently an effort to cover up the city manager's corrupt actions and it seems as if neither one of the two parties has any respect for law and order.

The coalition government is stronger than ever and is ready to avert any future attacks. The FF Plus is convinced that the Metro's coalition blueprint will also work on provincial level in Gauteng after the 2019 elections so as to ensure a better local government for the entire province.

The FF Plus will surely be part of such an opposition coalition as it is the fourth largest party in Gauteng and according to all indications, the party is gaining a lot more support in the province.

At present, the EFF is the third largest party in Gauteng. Therefore, the FF Plus aims to grow to be larger than the EFF so that it can exclude the EFF as a factor in Gauteng.


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