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Poor financial management and lack of oversight are the reasons why Gauteng municipalities are failing

The dysfunctionality and miserable failure of municipalities in Gauteng are a direct result of the fact that senior ANC managers and political leaders are not held accountable for poor financial decision making.

Residents are becoming more and more unhappy about empty political promises and the lack of basic service delivery, which has been a problem for years.

Violent protests and vandalism are provoked by opportunist political parties that exploit the situation at the expense of tax payers.

Years of inadequate service delivery and low income levels have greatly contributed to the collapse of local government along with mismanagement, corruption and the squandering of tax money. A large number of city council staff members are negative because they are not adequately equipped to render technical services.

Reports submitted to the Gauteng Legislature by city councils indicate that there are more managers than technical personnel, who are the ones expected to deliver the essential services.

In addition to the high levels of impoverishment and unemployment, tax payers in Gauteng have lost faith in the ANC government due to the rise in corruption and self-enrichment in local governments. The smaller municipalities are the ones mostly affected by this.

Although smart technology is being developed at a steady pace, the financial risk-control systems used on local and provincial levels are so outdated that they cannot keep track of all the incidents of misappropriation and corruption.

The ANC is on a looting spree and smaller municipalities are easy targets for fraud, corruption and mismanagement.

The FF Plus is committed to holding the ANC government accountable and exposing corrupt officials. It is important to look after the interests of residents and service delivery must be municipalities and metro councils' first priority. That can only be achieved by means of proper oversight.




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