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Polokwane: FF Plus lodges complaint with HRC about air pollution and water shortages at Elmadal

After a recent community meeting, the FF Plus lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) about the water shortage and air pollution at the Elmadal small holdings outside Polokwane (Pietersburg).

Residents have been hot under the collar for nearly a year due to the development of an illegal brickworks on one of the small holdings and a general shortage of water.

During the cement-brick manufacturing process, a fine powder is released into the air, which can cause serious health issues in the long term.

The small holdings are zoned only for agricultural and residential purposes.

The complaint was lodged on behalf of the concerned Elmadal residents who reached out to the FF Plus after the community received no assistance from their ward councillor.

The FF Plus councillor at the Polokwane Local Municipality, Susan Clarke, brought the matter to the attention of the municipal manager, Thuso Nemugumoni.

Meetings were held with various department heads and managers and steps were taken.

The local bailiff issued a cease-and-desist letter to the owners of the illegal establishments and warned them of possible legal action.

But it seems like the illegal activities are still carrying on.

That compelled the FF Plus to address the matter on another level.

In its complaint to the HRC, the party argues that the water shortage and air pollution are violating the constitutional rights of residents who loyally pay for their municipal services.

In terms of the Constitution and the Water Services Act, everyone has the right to have access to basic water supply, a right to basic sanitation as well as an environment that is not harmful to a person's health or wellbeing.

Water must be supplied in the meantime, even if water tankers must be used.

The FF Plus will monitor the progress of the matter and act in residents' best interests.



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