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Political Party Funding Bill will promote multiparty democracy

The Political Party Funding Bill underscores Section 236 of the Constitution, which stipulates that parties must be funded to promote multiparty democracy. This should be welcomed seeing as the previous funding model fell short in this regard.

The existing act has many shortcomings, the greatest of which is the unequal formula for distributing funds amongst political parties on the basis of 90% proportional and 10% just distribution. It meant that the ANC got the greatest majority of the available funds.

After a long process of negotiation, a formula that does not profit the ANC was agreed upon.

The EFF’s attempts to try and thwart the adoption of the bill comes down to hypocrisy with the purpose of scoring cheap political points. If the EFF is not interested in funding, the party must just say so so that the money can be distributed amongst the other parties.

The EFF is playing a populist game by saying that the party rejects the bill, but afterward they are all too happy to take the money.

The bill will promote multiparty democracy. The parties that are opposing the bill obviously have a hidden agenda.

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